Who said this blogging thing was gonna' be easy? Or consistent for that matter?

Pre-publishing OMG moment! Play With Me Sesame is on right now. Big Bird is talking to Elmo. He asked Elmo what he was doing and Elmo says "Elmo wants to know what it is like to be high!" Okay granted Elmo was hanging upside down from the top of the screen. But. C'mon ya gotta admit that's fricken funny! I now return you to your regularrly scheduled posting.

Hello? Ello? llo? o? ?o O?
*tap tap tap blow blow* Is this thing on?

Okay, right soooooooo. Kind of dropped the ball on being consistent where this blog thing is concerned. However! Dear readers, have hope! As I go to GDB in, about… *rummages around for iPhone to consult the lovely “Days until” sub-app in the “Appbox Pro” yes, for the most part it is accessible… Wait? Where is this phone? Where? *rummages around s’more. Under the sleeping 4 year old who’s temp has gone back up and to whom I need to give more meeds here soon? Excuse me honey Nope. However my poking about has caused her to wake up. Ugh, but she is in a good mood, not making sense in whatever she’s saying but cheerful about it non-the-less. So… Barney and friends. This is PBS sprout’s answer to late night toddler viewing? Could be worse, Can’t think how, but I’m sure that it can. What? Barney is on crack he’s leaping about and jabbering away at ninety to nothing. *rummage rummage rummage, where is this phone???* Yes! found it. Also answers the question as to what that noise was earlier when an unmanned object fell down behind the head of the bed. Anyway as I was saying.

*tap tap tap tap* upon consulting ye olde iPhone gasp! 33 more days until I go, 34 more days until guide dog somebodyorother has a name, a physical form, a color and gender! and 35 more days until we take that first walk.

This being the case there will be much more blogging ongoing here. I’ll try not to have too many O/T entries, would like to keep this as much of a “training tails” diary as possible. And, yes I do plan on finishing the tail er tale of my training with Gerard and Fleming. In fact in just one or two more entries I’ll pick up with Gerard where I left off an age ago.

The reasons for my not blogging are A. not important, B. boring to write, they were boring to live through thus dull as dirt to write and C. composed mainly of the simple fact I’m a lazy shit and sort of put this on the back burner. But as class leaps ever nearer we’re getting into the final weeks folks, I’ll blog here as I’ve driven everyone else in the R.W. quite demented going on and on and on about guide dog stuff… So? On with the shoooooooooooo!

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