The Problem with doing a podcast in a non-podcasting world

After much farthing around about how best to capture the training tails as it happens, I mean besides my spelling error riddled pointless blathering on here on the print blog, I’ve elected to do an audio podcast. Okay perhaps “podcast” is far too fancy a word for what I’m doing, a great lot of blathering into my bookport plus in the guys of something with a topic. I’m still going to do my mini documentary, perhaps a grand title for a bunch of random video taking place in the same location as my guide dog training class, but I’ll compile it and edit it when I return back home.

The big problem I’m having with podcasting, besides feeling like a complete tat yobbing down the BPP is the fact my brother has been hulking around with his two boys and A. it has been noisy, and B. I don’t want to listen to him asking me who I’m talking to or why I’m talking to myself or whatever.

We have had a bit of a weather event in case no one has paid mind to the news. Mucho snow, cold temps. Dangerous all around. Which sucks as I seriously need to venture forth and get pull-ups for Benji to say nothing of some food. I mean we’re not starving but I’m out of good stuff… So I can’t start the podcasting thing until everyone goes away, back to work/school and this shan’t happen for several days now. I mean I’m not mad that everyone is home, it is loud but that’s to be expected. It is also weird doing my normal house chores around a big group of folks and I’ll have to clean this damned bathroom more often than the two or three times, granted Monday was sort of half assed, because there are three males using it non-stop now and boys are yucky.

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