Blog, Interrupted

Blog, interuppted

This is just a quickie real time notice. I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to update this thing for the next little while. Normally I set aside a block of time in the morning or after lunch in the afternoon to write whilst the kids are at school.

At some point last evening I noticed my good eye had gone a bit strange and I couldn’t see a bloody thing.

Well, I can see colors still and the outlines of stuff. but there is this fog crap blocking up everything and there are only little bits of somewhat normal, for me, bits.

It’s frustrating. But Not a new thing. In 2002 I had an operation to remove a cataract and over the intervening years I’ve had a flair up of this nature a hand full of times.

Sittting up makes me feel kind of dizzy the first day or so of this whatever it is so I plan to be up as little as possible, until I adjust.

This isn’t like working under sleep shades at the CCB. It’s just weird and like I said for the first day or so I’m just horridly dizzy. To compound matters I have yet another sinus infection going. Got it from Ben like as not so I’m feeling pretty punk right now. Will work on this as I am able and should be back to updating every day or so by the end of the week.

I am very happy to write this, getting my dogs is, for me, just as exciting as giving birth to my babies. Seriously, both times we headed out to the hospital to check in and have them, I felt just like I feel before dog day. *smile*

I hope you all enjoy reading as much as I enjoy telling. Thanks a lot guys.

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